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e-Learner Units


The e-Learner course is made up of units and is available at two different levels (Silver and Gold). The Silver course comprises 5 units and covers basic level skills. The Gold course includes 7 units and covers more advanced skills. The e-Learner units are aligned with those in the ICDL certification programme, thereby acting as a perfect introduction (Silver) and progressive stepping stone (Gold) to the ICDL certification programme.


Units in the e-Learner course are as follows:


1. IT Basics

2. Files & Folders

3. Drawing

4. Word Processing

5. Spreadsheets

6. Presentations

7. Web Browsing & Email



The courseware for e-Learner is unique in a number of ways:


a) Integrated: The e-Learner lessons not only teach ICT skills but also integrate with current classroom content thereby ensuring that lessons retain students’ interest and motivation to learn.

b) Flexible: The e-Learner programme is not prescriptive about the order or quantity of lessons delivered to students. As integration with current curricula is a key element of the courseware, this in conjunction with a concept and a suitable ICT skill level, should be a priority when selecting a lesson to teach. The only requirement is that all of the requisite e-Learner skills for the course are covered.

c) Comprehensive: All the resources required to complete the e-Learner programme are supplied including student templates, saved web pages, website links and graphics. The instruction booklet for teachers is written in an easy-to-follow and concise manner with explanatory screenshots to guide teachers through each step of the lesson.


Tracking and Reporting

Records of lessons completed and skills acquired are kept by the teacher using the e-Learner Administration System. A Skills Record Card is also issued for each student on registration and assessments are administered by the teacher.



Once the required skills have been completed for all of the units in either the Silver or Gold course, the completed Skills Record Card, together with a copy of the e-Learner Administration System, is forwarded to head office. After verification, certificates will be issued for each student who has fulfilled the requirements of either the Silver or the Gold course.


Click here to visit the e-Learner website

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