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Digital skills for occupational effectiveness

Digital transformation is affecting every level of work. Many roles have evolved to rely closely on technology, while new sectors and new categories of work are emerging that are entirely technology dependent. Around the world, most professional roles now require digital skills.

To remain relevant and competitive, organizations of every type are integrating technology into their working practices. These organizations require working professionals that are digitally literate and can collaborate in an international setting, with easily transferrable skills.


ICDL Professional modules


Designed to meet the needs of modern professionals in a range of sectors, ICDL Professional develops advanced level skills for those with technology-reliant roles. From the use of business applications to the fundamentals of advanced technologies, these skills allow them to manage different types of workload as well as collaborate with technical teams.

ICDL Professional contains a range of modules that can be combined in any way to create a unique ICDL Profile. The syllabus content of each module is supported by learning materials that mirror day-to-day tasks and responsibilities typical of a role in the sector or industry.

The modules in ICDL Professional are:


Marketing & Communications 


This module sets out essential concepts and skills relating to the fundamentals of digital marketing, including creating a web presence, optimizing content for search engines, using social media platforms, carrying out online marketing and advertising across a range of services, as well as monitoring and improving campaigns using analytics.

ADVANCED DOCUMENTS (previously Word Processing)

This module will provide you with the ability to use the advanced features of word processing applications to enhance your work, improve productivity and save time. By successfully completing this module you will acquire a skill set over and above the routine features of the software



This module covers advanced presentation features that will allow you to use the presentation application to its full potential, and to plan and design more effective presentations that have greater impact and that will better engage and involve an audience.

Finance & Management 



Successful completion of this module will enable you to master the more advanced functions of spreadsheet applications, enabling you to produce more sophisticated reports and to perform complex mathematical and statistical calculations. These skills will save you considerable amounts of time and will improve your productivity.




Project Planning has been developed to enable you, the computer user (rather than IT professionals) to use project management software to prepare project plans and monitor projects including planning and managing time, costs, tasks, and resources. These skills can be applied to both work and home-based projects.





This module sets out essential concepts and skills relating to the use of computational thinking and coding to create simple computer programs.




This module develops work-based skills. It will enable you to understand the main concepts of databases and demonstrate the ability to use a database application. This includes creating and modifying tables, queries, forms, and reports, and preparing outputs ready for distribution, as well as learning to relate tables and to retrieve and manipulate information from a database by using query and sort tools.



The skills gained through this module will enable you to maximize advanced database functions, in order to manage and analyze high volumes of data. This will enable you to efficiently produce the quantity and quality of information that business today demands.




This module sets out knowledge and skills relating to the pedagogically effective use of ICT to support and enhance teaching, learning, and assessment in the classroom.



Web Editing enables you to understand the key web editing and publishing concepts, and to design, create, upload, and maintain a static website.


This module will assist you to acquire the skills and knowledge to use a variety of programmes to manipulate images and prepare an image for printing or for publishing on the Web.


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