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How do I get my ICDL?

From log book number
329 643
all candidates will be recognised as having a Profile for life. All tests will now be taken under the one log book.  See the Products Tab for all the new modules. Syllabus and Sample Tests can be obtained from info@icdl.org.za


Individuals - Individuals looking for more information about the ICDL certification, what it is, and where to study. Corporates - Information for businesses about the ICDL, benefits for employees and the organisation, and how to become a registered centre. Centres - Information for centres already registered, or organisations who want to become registered ICDL Centres.

Centres advertise vacancies on the ICDL Website

Notice to all Centres: 

Please note that all test results MUST BE submitted within 7 days from date of test. 

Notice to all Candidates: 

To protect the ICDL from potentially unlimited liability, Candidate Registrations (Skills Log Books) will be declared invalid five years after being sold by the ICDL to a registered ICDL centre or directly to an individual candidate.  Certificates do not become invalid. 

Candidates have 3 years measured from the date of the first test passed to the date of the last test passed, to complete the ICDL.  Candidates in educational institutions where the ICDL forms a part of the institutional programme have the time allocated to the programme by that institution, not exceeding 5 years.  (This concession is made believing that the institutionís programme will ensure that the candidate uses the skills obtained as part of the ICDL programme, while still at the institution. E.g. Matric.) 

Kindly note:  if the candidate registration (logbook) does not have a test written (passed) against it, the candidate registration (log book) is only valid for 5 years. 

Please click on the following link to view all log books prior to 329 643 for potential expiry dates. Do not print as the document is 57 pages long.

ZA 329643 Log Book/Profile number onward will never expire.
All products excluding E-Citizen and Equalskills can now be taken in this log book.

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