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How is the ICDL programme changing?


The world never stands still, especially where technology is concerned. The new structure for ICDL makes it easier for individuals to work out what modules fit their needs best. It ensures that ICDL is accessible and useful to everyone. It also makes it easier to keep the programme up-to-date with new modules over time.

ICDL Workforce gives people the skills they need to get a job, develop at work, and build their careers. ICDL Workforce modules cover a broad range of skills, from the basics to more detailed topics.

ICDL Professional has been tailored to meet the demands of professionals across a broad range of sectors. From finance to marketing, and education to healthcare, ICDL Professional provides the specialised digital skills that are needed to excel.

ICDL Digital Citizen is a programme that is designed specially to cater to people who have no experience whatsoever of using computers and being online.

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